Our Units

1st Burnaby Mountain Sparks

2nd Burnaby Mountain Sparks

24th Burnaby Mountain Brownies

27th Burnaby Mountain Brownies*

47th Burnaby Mountain Brownies

54th Burnaby Mountain Brownies

22nd Burnaby Mountain Guides

49th Burnaby Mountain Guides*

56th Burnaby Mountain Guides

14th Burnaby Mountain Pathfinders

12th Burnaby Mountain Rangers


*NOTE: Starting in 2017-2018, the unit formerly known as University Highlands Guiding Unit (Mixed Brownies/Guides) is splitting into a separate Brownie and Guide Group. The 27th Brownies and 49th Guides still meet at the same time in the same location, but are now two separate groups which better serves our girls and provides more spaces in the district!


5 thoughts on “Our Units

  1. Do you have room for a new guide leader for September. I have 10 years experience as a leader and 25 years total in guiding

    • I believe we do, welcome! I have replied to your e-mail inquiry and you should hear from our District Commissioner soon.

  2. Hello, i m wondering where I would sign up my 6 year old. I live in Willingdon and Lougheed hwy area. Brentwood area.
    I’d also like info on costs or if there’s help out there for a single Mom?

    I loved brownies when I was young….
    Do u still have the orange kerchiefs… Right over left, and left over right! That’s .how we remembered to tie them…lol

    Thank you
    Terry Hansen

    • Hi Terry! I have replied to your message via e-mail. We’d absolutely love to have your daughter join us. The one thing I forgot to mention in the e-mail is that we still have scarves, but the design has changed a little. Now for Brownies they are white with brown maple leaves 🙂 Cheers!

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