Our Units

1st Burnaby Mountain Sparks

27th Burnaby Mountain Guiding Unit (Sparks/Embers)

47th Burnaby Mountain Spark/Ember Unit

54th Burnaby Mountain Embers

22nd Burnaby Mountain Guides

49th Burnaby Mountain Guides

56th Burnaby Mountain Guides

10th Burnaby Mountain Pathfinders

14th Burnaby Mountain Pathfinders

12th Burnaby Mountain Rangers

5 thoughts on “Our Units

  1. Do you have room for a new guide leader for September. I have 10 years experience as a leader and 25 years total in guiding

    • I believe we do, welcome! I have replied to your e-mail inquiry and you should hear from our District Commissioner soon.

  2. Hello, i m wondering where I would sign up my 6 year old. I live in Willingdon and Lougheed hwy area. Brentwood area.
    I’d also like info on costs or if there’s help out there for a single Mom?

    I loved brownies when I was young….
    Do u still have the orange kerchiefs… Right over left, and left over right! That’s .how we remembered to tie them…lol

    Thank you
    Terry Hansen

    • Hi Terry! I have replied to your message via e-mail. We’d absolutely love to have your daughter join us. The one thing I forgot to mention in the e-mail is that we still have scarves, but the design has changed a little. Now for Brownies they are white with brown maple leaves 🙂 Cheers!

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