This page is for Guiders in our district who need to access certain district documents.

Please feel free to download for your unit’s use.

District Supplies

For questions relating to this list, please contact the District Commissioners. 

Burnaby Mountain District Supplies

District Financial/Banking Forms:

For questions relating to these forms, please contact the District Commissioners. 

Deposit Summary Form BM 2018

Expenses form BM 2018

Deposit Report Form BM 2019

Camping Resources:

For questions relating to these resources, please contact the camping support person. 

Camp Gear Sign-Out Sheet – Sheet listing all district camp gear and sign out procedures

Gear Cleaning and Drying Delegation Sheet – To be used by units to delegate the cleaning responsibilities within their unit. Outlines how gear should be cleaned and dried.

Camp Kitchen Supplies – Unit – Gear that the unit should bring to camp. The district will not supply this gear.

Patrol Boxes – List of what is in each patrol box. Each box is slightly different.

Patrol Box #1 (Blue)

Patrol Box #2 (Red)

Patrol Box #3 (Black)

Patrol Box #4 (Green)

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