Welcome to Burnaby Mountain District’s Website

Thanks for dropping by!

This website is for the Guiders, girls, families, and community of the Burnaby Mountain District of Girl Guides of Canada. Our wonderful team of volunteers works tirelessly to deliver fun and exciting programs for girls ranging from 5-18 years old in our district. This website has several goals. These include

  • Being a communication tool for Guiders and families, helping to keep track of important dates and events
  • Showcasing our units and the exciting things that they do
  • Reaching out to interested people in the community who are potential members of our organization
  • Recognizing the hard work of our volunteers
  • Recording memories

Please feel free to leave comments and become engaged in this new electronic endeavor. We want to keep the content here interesting and relevant to you — whether you’re a Guider, a girl member, a family member, or a curious visitor — so please get involved!

Stay tuned for more content in the coming weeks as the Guiding year will get started in early-mid September.

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