Aquarium Sleepover

On February 23rd, Guides from our district took part in a sleepover at the Vancouver Aquarium. It was a fun and educational event for all.

Aquarium 1

The girls got to watch demonstrations involving dolphins. They are such cute and entertaining creatures.

Aquarium 3The helpful and informative aquarium staff had lots of great information to share. The girls were certainly a captive audience audience.

Aquarium 4One of the highlights was the hands-on activities that they were able to partake in. It was fun to feel  the sticky arms of the sea anenomes and feel how a sea cucumber seems
like a blob of jello.

Aquarium 2One of the most special things about this sleepover is that the sleeping happened next to the beluga tank. It was very tranquil watching the belugas swim around in their tank during the night with the ripples of light being reflected in the water.

Overall it was a memorable evening that will not be soon forgotten. The girls and leaders all had a great time. Thank you to the Vancouver Aquarium for offering such a great program.

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