District Cookie Poster Contest!

Calling all Burnaby Mountain Artists!

ryley poster

The poster contest is open to all branches Sparks through adults. There will be a prize for the winning poster in each branch category. You must be a member of Girl Guides of Canada, Burnaby Mountain District to enter.

Deadline: March 4, 2015 7:00pm


  • Finished posters must be on 35cm wide x 55cm high (14” wide x 22” high) = half sheet poster board.
  • Poster orientation can be either vertical or horizontal
  • Posters must include a correct trefoil with the box around it. The trefoil must be black or navy blue colour.
  • All posters must have the words: “Girl Guide cookies” and the price per box ($5.00).
  • Poster must be completely hand drawn. There must be no cut-out or traced characters or computer generated images or any kind.
  • Cookies and logos used must be the current, official designs. Any Guiding members depicted must be in current, official uniform.
  • There cannot be any cartoon creatures, and/or “official” creatures (eg. Kellogg’s Tony Tiger, Disney)
  • Suggested additions:
  • On the back of the poster please include the following information:
    • Name (last name optional)
    • Unit (e.g. 1st Sparks)
    • Age (e.g. “Age 6” for girl, or “adult”)

Late posters will not be accepted. All submitted posters may be hung in public and used for cookie promotion.

beth poster

Good luck!

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