Sparks Enrollment

Burnaby Mountain’s newest unit, the 2nd Sparks, had their first ever enrollment ceremony today.

20151024-_MG_0637 Eight new girls were enrolled, plus one girl who was a Spark in another unit last year. Special guests, the new Burnaby Mountain District Commissioner and Deputy District Commissioner came for the event, as did several of the girls’ family members.20151024-_MG_0645The ceremony involved the girls sliding down the rainbow, just like the girl Crystal in the Sparks ceremony. Girls felt very special as they said their promise and got their first collection of badges, including their Sparks enrollment pin.

20151024-_MG_0652 Following the ceremony, girls and their guests got to enjoy some delicious cupcakes, fruit, and juice. It truly was a merry occasion.


At the end of the day one dad remarked, of his daughter, “between all the rainbows, friendship, and sharing, it’s like this program was designed right around her!” It’s so great to see the girls enjoying the Sparks program. Welcome to Girl Guides, girls!


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