Units Visit Bright Lights

Recent weeks have seen outings from two different Burnaby Mountain units visiting the Bright Lights at Stanley Park and the festive Christmas Train.2nd sparks stanley park

First, on a Saturday afternoon, the 2nd Sparks enjoyed the sights and sounds of seasonal merriment, then on a Tuesday evening the 22nd Guides enjoyed the lights during a much darker time of day.

2nd sparks train

The Sparks really enjoyed the train itself, oohing and ahhing over the different displays. They enjoyed the music and recognizing scenes from different Christmas stories that they all know and love, including Charlie Brown, the Grinch, and Frozen.

22ns guides stanley park

For the Guides, at nighttime, what really stood out were the 3 million lights set up in a variety of displays. It really looked magical.


The Bright Lights event benefits the local Burn Fund, an excellent cause! Both units had a great time.

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