Guides Sleepover at the Pool

The 49th Guides recently had a sleepover at Eileen Daily pool. The spot is a favourite for units in our district because of the friendly, helpful staff and the great facilities. The girls had a blast and sent along a few pictures to share from their awesome night of fun and friendship.IMG_00000312IMG_00000302 IMG_00000295

Trust us when we say they spent time in the pool as well. It’s just a lot harder to get photos when everyone’s busy splashing and having a good time.

2 thoughts on “Guides Sleepover at the Pool

  1. Hey Can I ask you a few questions about this event, looking to do something similar with my unit but having difficulties getting in touch with the pool.- Andrea S. Kits-Fairview District

    • Hi Andrea — the leaders who were with the 49th Guides at the time this particular event happened have moved on, but I’ve done an Eileen Daily pool sleepover with my own unit as well. I’ll send you an email 🙂

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