Guides Sleepover at the Pool

The 49th Guides recently had a sleepover at Eileen Daily pool. The spot is a favourite for units in our district because of the friendly, helpful staff and the great facilities. The girls had a blast and sent along a few pictures to share from their awesome night of fun and friendship.IMG_00000312IMG_00000302 IMG_00000295

Trust us when we say they spent time in the pool as well. It’s just a lot harder to get photos when everyone’s busy splashing and having a good time.

Brownie Sleepover at the Pool

Earlier this year the 47th Brownies went on a sleepover to Eileen Dailly Pool in Burnaby. The swimming — and especially the waterslide! — was a lot of fun. Kudos to the leader brave enough to take her phone into the pool to get this awesome group shot.brownies_sleepover_001[2]

After some time in the water, the girls got to eat pizza and cake. Before bed they watched Disney’s Brave, which was a great opportunity to talk about how awesome girls are.

brownies_sleepover_021[1] 220px-Brave_Poster


A big thank you to the staff at Eileen Dailly for hosting our group for the night. Everyone had a great time.