Sparks at Disney on Ice

The 1st Burnaby Mountain Sparks had an exciting night out at Pacfic Coliseum in Vancouver when they went to see Disney on Ice: Rockin’ Ever After. disney

The show featured the stories and music of The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, Tangled, and Brave, all performed by talented skaters. Jan 2014 056

The girls were excited to be out at such a fun event with their friends from Sparks. The highlight of the show was definitely the sequence from Tangled, as the girls had watched that movie at their sleepover earlier in the year. Some of them even wore the Tangled Rapunzel hair we made as a group. Jan 2014 065

Shown here is part of the Tangled sequence when the coloured lanters floated through the air. Thank you to our Sparks who showed how well behaved a large group of girls can be, even in a coliseum with thousands of excited little girls.

Provincial Book of Honour: Nancy McAskill

Girl Guides values the contributions of all of its members, but some women stand out as having gone above and beyond. Long time member Nancy McAskill was one such inspiration. Having held positions ranging from Unit Guider, to District Treasurer, Camping Advisor, and Commissioner, her vivacious personality and dedication to Guiding touched countless girls and women in our District.

Sadly, Nancy passed away at the end of 2012. Our District was set on recognizing Nancy’s involvement in our organization so an awards team formed to get a posthumous honour. It is with great enthusiasm as well as mournful remembrance that we got Nancy installed in the Girl Guides of British Columbia Book of Honour.

Jan 2014 003

A member in the Book of Honour is one who demonstrated both a considerable commitment to fulfilling the organization’s Vision, Mission and Values and her acceptance of them as outlined in Guiding Essentials. The exemplification of and promotion of the spirit of Guiding through keeping the Promise and Law should have been evident in her Guiding endeavours. The Book of Honour is on display at Provincial Guide House and a different page is shown each day to recognize our Province’s most outstanding members.

Jan 2014 002

A copy of the page from the book was presented to Nancy’s husband, Neil, at a ceremony at one of our District meetings in early 2014. Nancy’s devotion to Guiding and her contribution to our District will not be forgotten.