Guides Sleepover at the Pool

The 49th Guides recently had a sleepover at Eileen Daily pool. The spot is a favourite for units in our district because of the friendly, helpful staff and the great facilities. The girls had a blast and sent along a few pictures to share from their awesome night of fun and friendship.IMG_00000312IMG_00000302 IMG_00000295

Trust us when we say they spent time in the pool as well. It’s just a lot harder to get photos when everyone’s busy splashing and having a good time.

University Highlands Guiding Group

Great news! Burnaby Mountain District is opening a brand new unit to service the SFU community at University Highlands Elementary. They’re off to a bit of a late start because we only recently found leaders for the group and there was a lot of set up procedures to go through, but now we’re ready to go. University Highlands Guiding Group is now available on UnitFinder so people in that neighborhood should be able to enter their postal code and register online for the group.

University Highlands Guiding Group is going to be a new adventure for Burnaby Mountain District — this mixed-branch, or “blended” Guiding Unit will accept both Brownies and Guides. The two branches will do most of their activities together, but still accomplish their own branch-specific programming.

Highlands Flyer Image(Click poster above to see more clearly)

The district will be hosting an information session for interested families next Tuesday at the school, and regular meetings will start a couple of weeks after. We look forward to getting involved in the SFU and UniverCity communities and welcoming the fantastic girls of University Highlands!