Saturday Sparks

Did you know Burnaby Mountain District offers Sparks and Brownie units on Saturdays? Most units in the lower mainland meet only on weeknights, but to meet the needs of busy families we have Saturday options available. It’s also a popular option for girls who prefer quieter evenings and/or very early bedtimes through the week. The Saturday groups meet during the day.


This year, enrollment is currently very low in the Saturday Sparks unit and we’re actively recruiting more girls. Sparks is for girls in kindergarten and grade one. If this Saturday morning unit would be a good fit for you or someone you know, please send them to to register online.

Burnaby Mountain District still has spaces available in all branches, so use the Find a Unit tool on the national website to find a spot for your girl.

Everything She Wants to Be

Welcome to the 2018-2019 year! Have you seen some of the awesome new things happening in Guiding? Our brand new refreshed logo is showing up everywhere on sleek new advertising, showing off everything Guiding has to offer. You may have seen some of the ads in this post around social media or elsewhere.


This year, Guiding is introducing an amazing new program called Girls First. Units are easing into it at different speeds this year, and it will be the new normal by next year. Girls First is all about having girls drive their Guiding experience. It gives them choice, voice, and action for shaping the most relevant and exciting program they can. This is supported by the new Girls First online digital platform which is a resource centre for program activities that girls can engage with. Leaders in Burnaby Mountain District have been part of the national Girls First Champions initiative to lead the way in transitioning to this new way of doing things.


And to go with this, we’ve got a new tag line which you may have seen around as well. Everything she wants to be. That is what Guiding is all about. The tag line echoes the sentiment from our new mission and vision. Our mission has been defined as A better world, by girls. And the vision is now To be a catalyst for girls empowering girls.


Sound like something you would like to be a part of? We still have space available in every branch. Our units get started at the end of September, so you haven’t even missed anything yet. A little late to the game? Don’t worry, because we accept new members all year long. Come along and join us on this epic journey to everything she wants to be!