Brownie Sleepover at the Pool

Earlier this year the 47th Brownies went on a sleepover to Eileen Dailly Pool in Burnaby. The swimming — and especially the waterslide! — was a lot of fun. Kudos to the leader brave enough to take her phone into the pool to get this awesome group shot.brownies_sleepover_001[2]

After some time in the water, the girls got to eat pizza and cake. Before bed they watched Disney’s Brave, which was a great opportunity to talk about how awesome girls are.

brownies_sleepover_021[1] 220px-Brave_Poster


A big thank you to the staff at Eileen Dailly for hosting our group for the night. Everyone had a great time.

Area Awards Dinner

Last night West Coast Area held its annual awards dinner to thank all Guiders in the Area for their hard work and to recognize extraordinary contributions with awards. Our district filled two whole tables with Guiders who enjoyed a wonderful meal and a silent auction benefiting girls going trips this summer.

Our district was also proud to see seven of our adult members recognized with awards. Here is a list of who recieved what.

45 pin

The Membership Pin indicates years of membership in the organization. After 15 years of membership, pins are awarded every 5 years.

Sandra, 14th Pathfinders

  • Awarded for 45 years of dedicated membership in Girl Guides of Canada.

The Gold Thanks Pin may be awarded to girl or adult members for exceptional service to Guiding. They are given at the district or area level.

Chelsea, 1st Sparks & 54th Brownies

  • Awarded for her many informative talks given to units throughout the Area about her 3 months volunteering at the world centre Sangam, in India

Commisisoner award

The Commissioners and Administrative Communitiy Leaders Award is presented to Commissioners who lead by example, actively welcome new Members and retain current ones, mentor adult Members, and uphold the values of GGC.

Gerry, District Comissioner & 54th Brownies

  • Awarded for stepping up to the plate as a new member commissioner when the district was desperate and going above and beyond the requirments of her role at Area council and benefiting the Distric immensely.

bronze merrit

The Broze Merit Award is given  to a person who goes above and beyond the basic requirements of her role and demonstrates dedicated service to Guiding.

Neelofar, 3rd Sparks

  • Awarded for her dedication in helping her unit recover from several issues that threatened to close her unit. She worked tirelessly to repair administrative issues requiring close work with the District Comissioner and Treasurers all while offering a great program to her girls.

Nadia, 49th Guides

  • Awarded for her ongoing dedication to her very large Guide unit, promoting Guiding in her daily life, and being a positive role model to her girls. She takes on the important role of communicator for her unit.

Ann, 14th Pathfinders

  • Awarded for her longtime commitment to her girls and the district. She has gone above and beyond, often volunteering to do things like help with unit bookkeeping.

silver merit

The Silver Merit Award is given  to a person who goes above and beyond the basic requirements of her role and demonstrates excellent service to Guiding.

Bethany, 1st Sparks & 54th Brownies & District PR/Membership Advisor

  • Awarded for her accomplishments in creating and maintaining the district website and Facebook page, as well as attending volunteer fairs, resulting in increased membership in her district and in others.

Congratulations to all of the award winners. Your contributions to Guiding are greatly appreciated. Our girl programs would not be possible without the tireless work of these amazing volunteers.

Go Burnaby Mountain District!


Club Aviva Sleepover

This weekend the 1st Sparks (along with a few Brownies) spent the night at Club Aviva gymnastics centre in Coquitlam. The girls had a wonderful time. They got to play in the gymnastics gymnasiums, have a pizza snack, play parachute games, and then sleep in the gym.

The leaders were tired out just watching them race through the gym and use the equipment. Some girls had already had gymnastics training whereas others were using the equipment for the very first time. Either way, they loved it.

Club Aviva 1

The trampolines were probably the biggest hit of all. Who doesn’t love bouncing?

club aviva 2

Why yes, that Spark is about 15 feet up in the air. She shimmied up there like a monkey. This seems like a good time to thank the amazing Club Aviva staff for having us for the night and for making sure we had a great time while also being really on top of our safety!

Club aviva 3

The other really popular area was the foam pit. Girls could jump or swing in and land in balls of foam.

Now that this unit has done two sleepovers already this year, it’s time for them to start getting excited about their 2-night camp in June. Some people believe Sparks can’t do the same fun things as older girls, but this unit sure proves them wrong. These girls are unstoppable!

Congratulations Cookie Poster Winners!

Congratulations to the two members of Burnaby Mountain District who won the West Coast Area cookie poster contest for their branch levels!

The winning Spark poster was by Ryley, a member of the 1st Sparks.

 ryley poster

The winning adult poster was by Bethany.

beth poster

Good job to everyone who entered the contest. There were some great posters sent in. Ryley and Bethany will be recieving their prizes in the mail. Good luck with your cookie sales everyone!