Leaders Luau and Planning Meeting

On Monday August 27th, several of the Guiders in our District got together to make some plans and set some goals for the upcoming Guiding year. Quite a lot got accomplished! Plans were made for District events such as Thinking Day and Year End Advancement, as well as Guider training, team-building, communication, and council administration. Lots of great ideas were brainstormed for fun unit activities and bridging opportunities as well. Some new Guiders got to meet more experienced ones, and everybody had a good time.

Because we don’t want to do anything as boring as a plain old meeting, this planning session was conducted as a Luau at one of the Guiders’ homes. There were snacks such as mini Hawaiian pizzas, macadamia nut crusted chicken wings, fruit kabobs, and coconut cake.

Guiders really got into the spirit of things by wearing flower leis, grass skirts, and even coconut bras! The highlight of the evening was following an online Hula dancing lesson, which involved lots of laughter.

Thank you to everyone who made it out to this event. It sounds like we’re all set to have a really exciting year!

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