Sleepover at Canada Games Pool

Recently girls from the 24th Brownies and Highlands Guiding Unit went to Canada Games Pool in New Westminster for a fun and exciting sleepover.The evening involved time in the pool and then the sleepover portion taking place in the community centre.


The pool has lots of great things to play with in the water and girls had a lovely time swimming with their friends. A great accomplishment for many of them was being able to pass their swim tests under the supervision of Lifeguards at the pool — way to go girls!

20141114_210657The diving board was a pretty big hit. Girls soared from impressive heights into the deep waters below. Check out this girl catching some air!

20141114_212002As always, the most important thing was the girls had a great time. The units want to thank Canada Games Pool for helping them put on a successful event.


Rangers at the Night Market

As one of their first events this year, back in September, girls in the 12th Rangers went to the Richmond Night Market. They enjoyed eating unusual treats and shopping at unique vendors. The theme at the night market this year was Magical Candyland — it was a fun night to be sure!

Rangers Night Market 2 The market was busy, colourful, and exciting. The adorable duck mascot and fun candy decorations made for a few irresistible photo ops. Rangers Night Market 1

They were joined at the market by the 14th Pathfinders. Afterwards, the two units went back to Richmond Guide House where they tented in the backyard. Meanwhile, the 54th Brownies were having a sleepover in the house — all three units had breakfast together in the morning. It is always a pleasure to see units bridging for special events.