Brownie Fairies, Unicorns & Rainbows Camp

Our 54th Brownies, plus Brownies from the 27th Guiding unit, recently enjoyed a weekend at lovely Camp Olave, staying at the Nawilak site. The girls took the lead choosing the theme for camp and collaboratively agreed on Fairies, Unicorns & Rainbows — this is a theme sure to be magical and colourful!

The Brownies unleashed their creativity with crafts related to the theme like personalized place mats and adorable fairy houses.

The girls were especially proud of the fairy houses. They each got to bring home their own wind chime, excited to hear it tinkling with fairy magic in the window at home.


It was a beautiful weekend for outdoor activities as well! Girls had a great time swimming, doing low ropes, blind trail, and more. Camp Olave’s waterfront is amazing!


The girls got to join some of Burnaby Mountain’s Guides for campfire as they were camping there that same weekend. Camp is one of the best parts of the year and these Brownies celebrated all their excellent memories together.


Pirate Camp

When three different Brownie units came together to do their year-end camp this June, the leaders knew they wanted a fun and dynamic theme to help all the girls get excited and engaged in the camp. With girls from the 24th, 47th, and Highlands Brownie groups all participating, lots of girls didn’t know each other or all of the leaders so a fun theme was a great way to get everyone on the same page.


The leaders did a great job decorating the site, Kwi Kwa at Camp Olave on the sunshine coast, with pirate flags, ships, and other related items. They played pirate themed games and even learned a fun new pirate themed campfire song. Food had a fun pirate element too — at dinner, for example, girls created their own flatbread pizza to look like a treasure map.


They also made cool pirate crafts like their skull and cross bone hats and fun spy glasses. The hats especially made them recognizable as pirates as they roamed camp and tried out one of the hiking trails.

Camp Olave is a great place to spend time outside enjoying nature. These Brownies challenged themselves with hiking the nature trail, trusting each other in the blind trail, and working together on the low ropes course.


Aside from the forest, Camp Olave also has a wonderful waterfront. A pirate theme works especially well at a campsite on the water and these girls also very much enjoyed their time swimming in the ocean on a beautiful sunny day.


Over all the camp was a huge success. The girls all had a wonderful time. It was so great to see many of them making new friends. These Brownies, even if they belong to different units, all share in the sisterhood of Guiding. One of the great things about this organization is knowing you’re one of the 10 million Girl Guides and Girl Scouts in the world — that’s a lot of friends to make!

Swimming in the Ocean

On the warmest days of summer nothing sounds as refreshing as cooling down in the chill waters of the pacific ocean. At Camp Olave, girls at our District Camp Flower Power got to get the summer started with exactly this experience.

Beach (3 of 4)

The waterfront is one of the best parts of camp, and having on site lifeguards means we get to take advantage of the water by going for a swim. There’s nothing quite like the feeling of waves crashing into your shins as you navigate the rocky beach. All around is nature — interesting rocks, seaweeds and crabs are all over the beach for girls who would prefer to beach comb.

Depending how far out the tide is, the water can be very deep or quite shallow. That’s why all swimmers either wear a PFD or have a swim test administered by life guards. Water shoes are also very important to protect our feet from the rocks. All of this being prepared allows us to have the best possible time on the beach.

Beach (4 of 4)

Beach time is one of the girls’ favourite camp activities — some start asking when we get to go swimming before we’ve even unrolled our sleeping bags the first night! They look forward to it all day until its their turn to explore the beach and the water under the warm summer sun.

Sleepover at Canada Games Pool

Recently girls from the 24th Brownies and Highlands Guiding Unit went to Canada Games Pool in New Westminster for a fun and exciting sleepover.The evening involved time in the pool and then the sleepover portion taking place in the community centre.


The pool has lots of great things to play with in the water and girls had a lovely time swimming with their friends. A great accomplishment for many of them was being able to pass their swim tests under the supervision of Lifeguards at the pool — way to go girls!

20141114_210657The diving board was a pretty big hit. Girls soared from impressive heights into the deep waters below. Check out this girl catching some air!

20141114_212002As always, the most important thing was the girls had a great time. The units want to thank Canada Games Pool for helping them put on a successful event.


Brownie Greek Mythology Camp

Brownies from three units gathered for the weekend at Camp Capilano in beautiful North Vancouver to camp out ancient Greek style. After conducting a poll of all three units, the girls chose the theme Greek Mythology for their weekend.

The girls had a great time making new friends and enjoying the wonderful camp facilities. As part of their afternoon Olympics, the girls spent time Poseidon adventuring in the heated outdoor pool.

SAM_2884They also learned how to use camp stoves as part of their camping badges. They worked together to make some fruit of the gods jam to bring home to their moms for mother’s day.

SAM_2875Other Olympic games included shot put, discus, and cupid’s arrow.


It wouldn’t have been Brownie camp without a campfire including all their favourite songs, and roasting marshmallows for s’mores.


And the girls danced the night away at their toga party wearing the awesome toga nighties they made earlier in the day.

SAM_2921It was a wildly successful camp. Thank you to the leaders from the 24th Brownies, the 54th Brownies, and the Highlands Brownies for working together to pull this off. Also, a thank you to the couple of Guides who came along to act as patrol leaders, showing great leadership and fun attitudes.

Brownie Sleepover at the Pool

Earlier this year the 47th Brownies went on a sleepover to Eileen Dailly Pool in Burnaby. The swimming — and especially the waterslide! — was a lot of fun. Kudos to the leader brave enough to take her phone into the pool to get this awesome group shot.brownies_sleepover_001[2]

After some time in the water, the girls got to eat pizza and cake. Before bed they watched Disney’s Brave, which was a great opportunity to talk about how awesome girls are.

brownies_sleepover_021[1] 220px-Brave_Poster


A big thank you to the staff at Eileen Dailly for hosting our group for the night. Everyone had a great time.