Year-End Family Picnic

At Burnaby Mountain District we believe that part of our job as an organization within the community is to provide opportunities for the families of all of our girls to gather for fun, informal, social events. This is why we love putting on events like this year’s advancement and family picnic!


The event began with a simple advancement ceremony where girls symbolically crossed footbridges to signify crossing over to the next branch in Guiding. This leaving ceremony complimented whatever celebrations different units had to give girls their end of year badges, awards, and recognition.


The main part of the event was a family picnic including barbecued hotdogs and other snacks plus a variety of games and activities for the kids. Check out one Brownie, below, showing off her cool temporary tattoo, and some other members catching a watermelon break at the craft station:

Activities like these are really exciting because it gives the girls a chance to play and interact with girls from other units. Older girls and younger girls have a good time together, plus siblings get to get in on the fun as well!


We really appreciate all the families who chose to spend the day with us to celebrate the close of the Guiding year. Although summer has just started, we can hardly wait to get back at it in the fall.

Spaghetti a la Advancement

At the end of the Guiding year, the girls of the 49th Guides, plus their leaders and their families, went for a year end lunch at the Old Spaghetti Factory in Gastown. It was a lot of fun for the girls to have a meal together out at a nice restaurant.


For three of the girls, this was their last event as Guides so they received their advancement pins. On to Pathfinders for those girls!


Two of them also received their Lady Baden Powell Award, which is the highest award available to a Guide aged girl and is given in recognition of completing the entire Guide program — way to go, girls!


While it may not have been the most traditional advancement ceremony in the history of Guiding, Girl Guides is all about making memories and sharing special times with our friends. For this small unit, this pasta meal advancement ceremony is likely to stick in their minds as a great way to have recognized their accomplishments in Guides.

District Advancement & Family Picnic

To wrap up the Guiding year at a district level, Burnaby Mountain hosted a family picnic at Warner Loat Park to celebrate our girls and their families. The event was well-attended and it seemed like a good time was had by all.

The event started with an Advancement ceremony where each branch’s advancing girls were welcomed by the next branch as they symbolically crossed a foot bridge. The group got bigger and bigger as the group of advancing girls amassed, and eventually all of the girl members crossed together into the next Guiding year.

girlguides2ummer1 007Picnic activities included face painting, balloon animals, and button making, as well as carnival style games like bean bag toss and egg on a spoon. There were also areas for bubble blowing and free play.

girlguides2ummer1 014There were big crowds and huge smiles. More than 150 hotdogs were served. Prizes were claimed by girls and siblings who completed most of the activities. It was a great treat to see so many girls and guiders and family members come together to celebrate the Guiding Year.

Big thank yous to the hard working Guiders who planned and put on such a great event. Thank you to the Pathfinder and Ranger girls who helped run the stations. And thank you also to West Coast Area Commissioner Donna came out as a special guest.