Brownie Keepsakes #TBT

Happy Throwback Thursday, Guiding friends! Check out this cool wall hanging that one of our Guiders recently unearthed when tidying her basement. Guider Kim from the the 56th Burnaby Mountain Guides says she remembers making this more than 30 years ago as a keepsake of her Brownie memories in the 32nd North Vancouver Brownies where she was a member as a girl.


As we come upon the end of the Guiding year it’s a great time to think about how you’re going to save your girl’s Guiding memories. What can you do with those badge sashes and fun crests? Lots of people sew them onto a camp blanket. Others have incorporated them into quilts, or made them into wall hangings with or without frames.

Thanks, Kim, for sharing your cool keepsake project!

Sparks Sleepover Movie Party

The 1st Sparks recently enjoyed a sleepover at Richmond Guide House. The theme was a movie pajama party where the girls watched Disney’s Tangled. They had pizza and popcorn, and did a craft themed to the movie. It was a great chance for the girls and leaders to bond early in the year and to have a great time.¬†Sept-Oct 2013 201

The craft was to make Rapunzel hair. Each girl was given a long braid that they could decorate with clips, flowers, ribbons, and butterflies… just like the part in the movie where Rapunzel gets her hair decorated. The craft turned out great!

Sept-Oct 2013 212

Then the girls went into the “movie theatre” — a room in the house where a projector played the movie on a big wall, just like really going to the movies. After the movie the girls went to sleep. The leaders are thrilled to report that the girls were very well behaved and slept really well… for a sleepover, anyway.

Sept-Oct 2013 211

One of the highlights of a sleepover like this is seeing some of the shyer girls grow in confidence as they get to know new friends and feel more comfortable in the group. By the end of the event quiet girls were speaking up more and girls who would normally be a little nervous or hesitant were jumping right into the action. It’s amazing what an activity¬†¬† like this can do for the confidence of a young girl — for many of these girls it was their first sleepover ever, and it was a really great experience.