Happy Lunar New Year

Last week, Burnaby Mountain’s 24th Brownies did some work on the program area Key to My Community (with a bit of Arts thrown in). Given the trio of holidays the calendar presented them with, they had a Valentine’s-Flag Day-Chinese New Year mashup!
For Flag Day activities, the girls took turns reading out “fun facts” about the flag, and quizzed themselves (multiple choice) about the national anthem (and, of course, learned the lyrical change that was recently made). They then learned the Michael Mitchell song, “Canada In My Pocket” (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VnZlAOSEmYQ).
So that there would be some time for the glue to dry, they next decorated the dragon mask that one of the leaders had made at home.  They were really into it! They decided that it had to be a girl, to be in Girl Guides.
When that was done, another leader shared some traditional Chinese foods with them: longevity peach buns, and nian gao, a sticky sweet rice cake, which she had made. They weren’t a big hit, but the leaders were proud of the girls for trying new foods.
They then split the girls into their circles and rotated them through the Chinese calligraphy station (where a leader showed them how to use the brushes and ink or special watercolour paint to write “dog” and other words), and the “lucky money” Valentine’s station. There they each wrote a compliment on a bit of paper for another Brownie, and put them in a red envelope so that each girl left with a pocket of nice things about themselves.
The girls enjoyed finishing the meeting with at least a few minutes to do the dragon dance in the gym. They used 4m of this really lovely flowy fabric and the freshly decorated mask. After a few minutes, it dissolved into a game of body chasing the head (and plenty of giggles!).
Anyway, for a Key that can tend towards the cerebral rather than the experiential, it was a really fun meeting!
Happy New Year!

Pixar in Concert with the VSO

Girls from the 54th Brownies and the Highlands Guiding unit got together for an outing to the Orpheum theatre in Vancouver to attend the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra’s performance of Pixar in Concert.


The show featured music from all 14 Pixar films performed live by the orchestra while images from the films were projected on a screen above. The concert really illustrated how powerful the music is, and how it is used to set mood, character, and place in some of our favourite movies. At times funny, sad, and scary, the music and images worked well together — well enough that the sold out audience was held in rapt attention through the whole performance. pixar

The Guiders would like to acknowledge that the girls were exceptionally well behaved, proving yet again that there is nothing our girls can’t do. For many of the girls, this was their first time seeing a live orchestra performance and we’re thrilled by how much they enjoyed it. We were all impressed by the talent of the musicians and the splendor of the Orpheum. It was a night that none of us are likely to forget soon.