Brownies to the Theatre

Recently the 54th Brownies took a trip to the theatre! They went to the Stanley Industrial Alliance Stage in Vancouver to see an Arts Club production of Matilda the Musical!


This trip was special because it represented some of the hard work these girls did selling Girl Guide Cookies this year. The unit was able to heavily subsidize tickets to the professional theatre show by using cookie money. Way to go, girls!

Everyone really enjoyed the showing, saying it was an excellent production. The girls were also very well behaved… unlike the kids in one of the show’s catchiest songs:

We are revolting children 
Living in revolting times. 
We sing revolting songs 
Using revolting rhymes. 
We’ll be revolting children 
‘Til our revolting’s done, 
It is 2-L-8-4-U  

These Brownies are anything but revolting — even if they may have gone home singing this song! They had a wonderful trip to the theatre.

Sparks go “Go, Dog. Go!”

The girls from the 2nd Burnaby Mountain Sparks had a fun time at Granville Island this weekend taking in a production from the Carousel Theatre for Young People called “Go Dog Go”. This play, especially for kids aged 3-8, was a lot of fun for the Sparks. Having read the classic children’s book at a previous unit meeting, the girls were eager to see the story made live on stage.

go dog

The 60 minute play was an exploration of movement, color, and music. Check out the colourful set pieces behind the girls as they pose here with one of the show’s talented dogs!


The Carousel Theatre Company is one of Burnaby Mountain’s favourite local arts organizations and over the last few years, girls from several units have taken in great age-appropriate plays for Sparks, Brownies, and Guides (they have group rates available, too). Burnaby Mountain girls love experiencing the arts!

Sparks Outing to the Theatre

The girls of the 1st Sparks recently enjoyed an outing to the Carousel Theatre for Young People’s presentation of The Very Hungry Caterpillar and Other Eric Carle Favourites. The show presented some of our favourite stories: The Very Hungry Caterpillar, The Mixed Chameleon, and Little Cloud. This production, designed for kids aged 3-7 years old, was perfectly suited to Sparks!

1 Sparks Caterpillar 5The show used puppets and black light to tell the stories in a way that seemed truly magical. As a special treat, the puppeteers came on stage at the end of the show to demonstrate to the audience how the puppets are used. Almost unanimously, the girls’ favourite part was when the caterpillar turned into a beautiful butterfly.

1 Sparks Caterpillar 6

As part of regular weekly meetings, the girls prepared for the show by reading the stories and doing some Eric Carle inspired art. Check out some of their finger and fruit paintings of the Very Hungry Caterpillar.

1 Sparks Caterpillar 1It was such a treat to see story books come to life on stage. This outing not only introduced many of them to professional live theatre for the first time, it also prompted many of them to borrow Carle’s books from their school libraries. And who doesn’t want to see kids more interested in books?

The outing was heavily subsidized by the unit’s excellent cookie sales. Way to go girls!