Burnaby Mountain District Needs Volunteers!

Burnaby Mountain District is so lucky to have many incredible volunteers in our District that make all of our Guiding activities possible. Volunteers run our Units, plan activities and camps, come up with fun event ideas, and so much more!

Burnaby Mountain Guiders and former girl members Katrina Berry, Andrea Berry, Carissa Konesky, and Eliesse Harpaz at the West Coast Area Guider Appreciation event.

Right now, our District needs volunteers more than ever! Now is the perfect time to consider joining Girl Guides as a volunteer and becoming part of our amazing team!

Four of our volunteer leaders – Katrina, Andrea, Carissa, and Eliesse, have been involved with Burnaby Mountain District since they were girls themselves! They went through Guiding together and had the chance to attend camps, sleepovers, and events. Even after they became adults they stayed with the District to become leaders and give girls the chance to have similar opportunities that they had.

Girl Guide leaders have a lot of fun and learn many new skills that look great on a resume! All volunteers with Girl Guides have access to trainings, support, and mentorship. Girl Guide volunteers also have access to scholarships to support with education, travel opportunities, and the chance to meet so many amazing fellow Girl Guides from across the country! There are also opportunities for recognition! Recently, many Guiders in our District attended a special event at Van Dusen Gardens.

Doesn’t this sound awesome? We’d love to have you join our team and make Girl Guides possible for even more girls. Apply now to volunteer here: https://www.girlguides.ca/WEB/AdultReg

Join Us!

Did you know that registration opens for new members tomorrow — Friday, June 2nd? This is for next “Guiding year” (i.e. September to June… we follow the school year). We love growing our Guiding community by having new faces join our groups. New members are encouraged to join in at any age. Some units in the district are likely to fill soon. Register your girl ASAP to secure a spot in your preferred unit.

We’re also actively recruiting adult volunteers for several of our units, so get in touch if you’re interesting in joining our vibrant group of fun-loving, dedicated volunteers. It’s a great way to make friends and be involved in your community.

Visit http://www.girlguides.ca for registration information or to apply to volunteer.

Please reach out if you have any questions at all. We’d love to hear from you!

Join the FUN!


1st Sparks being silly at a unit meeting

Ever thought of volunteering?

Girl Guides of Canada is a great organization to volunteer with. Guiding is about girls and women, and there are great opportunities for adults who get involved.


Here are some things you might not know about being involved as an adult member in Girl Guides:

  • There are thousands of dollars available in scholarships for adult members at any stage of their education
  • There are opportunities to travel abroad with or without girls (see Saffina’s trip to the UN, for example)
  • Some or all costs for outside trainings like First Aid and FoodSafe may be covered
  • Other trainings about camping, event planning, communication, and youth programming are offered
  • Various supports are available to help new leaders such as mentoring and online and in-person training
  • Little kids aren’t your thing? That’s okay! Volunteer with our older branches and work with teenagers
  • Link (18-30) and Trefoil (30+) are adult-only groups where women meet with their peers and pursue interests, volunteering, camping, and outings
  • Unable to commit to weekly meetings? Maybe you could get involved on a District or Area level where you’d attend a couple meetings a month and do the rest of the job from home.

Right now, our District is most desperate for Pathfinder (ages 12-14) leaders, but other units could use help as well. Contact us to find out how you can get involved.

We’d love to welcome you into the world’s largest organization for girls and women. We’re 10 million strong — that’s quite a community to be a part of!

West Coast Area is hosting an event called A Taste of Guiding for anyone who might be interested, but looking for more info. RSVP is requested so please contact us (via comment or e-mail) for details on how to do that.

A Taste of Guiding

Sept 7th 2013 10:00 AM — 12:30 PM
Richmond Guide House, 4780 Blundell Rd. Richmond (corner of Railway and Blundell)

Come & join us for a fun-filled session to find out what we have to offer. There will be camping, games, art, leadership, and much more. You won’t want to miss it!

There is no cost for this event. Refreshments will be provided.